We will understand what kind of premises you need for your business. Then we realize it.

We are able to create an interior of your dreams. Quickly and effectively.

How we can help you.

Every interior has its own needs. Sometimes it’s enough to refurnish the office, sometimes the whole office should be rebuilt and sometimes you want to move the whole company to larger or smaller premises. We will help you find out which one is your case. And then we will take care of it.

We are able to choose the right location, obtain all permits, arrange the construction adjustments including the electric works, supply the furniture, carefully adjust all the details and take care of the things to work properly after the place livens up. Meanwhile you can concentrate on your work.

How Do We Do It


We discuss your ideas and understand what you need from the interior.


We prepare a concept and make sure it suits your company.


We create a comprehensive design so that you had a perfect idea of the result.


We realize the commercial premises quickly and effectively with complete furnishing.


We take care of your premises so that it works the right way further on.


First of all, we will understand what kind of premises you need and for what purpose. We’ll ask you how big is your business, how precisely does it work and how it presents itself. We will also clarify your expectations from our cooperation. Careful preparation has two major advantages. First, we do not bother you with every nonsense later during project realization and discuss only the most important things. And above all, in the end you have exactly what you need. Initial analysis helps us learn:

  • your workflow,
  • number of employees and their work habits,
  • visual style and corporate identity.
You have a plan or need an advice? Contact us, the initial analysis and the first concept are free of charge!


As soon as we have all the necessary documents, we design a solution layout draft. This draft will help us make sure we are on the right path. We will review the logic of the interior and incorporate your comments. After we perfectly understand each other, we will move on. By this time you will know exactly:

  • size and layout of the spaces,
  • types of furniture and its arrangement,
  • uniformity of the interior solution with the corporate identity,
  • total cost and the time horizon of the project and whatever else interests you.
Want to know what a layout solution draft looks like? Take a look.


The rest is up to us! We will realize the whole project quickly and effectively from the construction works, through the interior furnishing, to moving and environmental disposal of the packages. We will carry it through without distracting you from your work. However, if you want to supervise some part of the process personally, we will be happy. During realization, we also install and supply:

  • electrical and data wiring,
  • floor coverings and carpets,
  • all furniture from work tables to sofas,
  • lighting,
  • mobile partitions and screens,
  • guidance systems,
  • shutters or other shielding elements,
  • decorations.
Take a look at our latest projects.


We realize that after we hand you the keys to your new office, our job is not done. We know that furniture wears out and your demands to the interior change. That is why we keep in touch with you even after the project is completed. We provide routine maintenance, continuous removal of possible defects and modifications that reflect developments and changes in your company. Our services include:

  • regular inspections of furniture,
  • resolving of operational problems,
  • offers of new products for office,
  • environmental disposal of furniture at the end of its lifespan,
  • buy-back or offset purchase of furnishing items and other services.

Do you think your office needs a change?

Leave us a message and we will give you some free advices what could be done for it!